Best alternatives to Bluestack

    Genymotion is the fastest and freshest android emulator with over 900k users and 1 500 000 developers worldwide.
    New versions of android os can be easily installed, currently it provides several devices of android versions from gingerbread to kitkat.
    Features :
    1 Genymotion emulator is easy to install and easy to run
    2 Support sensors to test specialized features on your app
    3 OpenGL acceleration support
    4 High Resolution devices
    5 New versions of Android OS
    Note : you need to register (free) first with genymotion to install android devices.
    Go to Genymotion Download Page


    There are many free softwares in the market which enables users to run android os on their computers but I found Andy software the best among these softwares. After installing Andy, users can run android apk apps on their desktops, the best feature of Andy is that it also supports installation of android apps directly from the official  Google Play Store.
    Features of Andy :
    1. Full Android UI
    2. Supports Windows 7,8
    3. Mac OSX
    4. Google Play Store
    5. App Sync to Mobile
    6. Phone as Contoller
    7. Android access to local File System
    8. Multi-Touch support
    9. Cloud Save in Android X86 native apps
    10. ARM support
    11. Sensors Integration
    12. OpenGL
    13. Hardware support
    14. Camera
    15. Integration Microphone
    16. Integration Hardware Console
    17. Run Apps from Desktop
    18. Desktop Push Notification
    19.Developers Support
    Download Andy Here

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