How to root my android phone with a computer for free

Root Android
Customized root icon

Rooting your mobile can give you much more than your phone can usually do —whether it is getting access to root folders, removing of system apps, or cust

omizing the look of your phone and lots more. There are different methods of rooting your android phone and there is no common method which works for all, but rooting your phone via computer is easy method and it also works for multiple phone makers.

What is rooting : Rooting means having root access to your device—that means getting super privileges such as tunneling your phone by proxy, administration of system apps, new ROM installation, privacy protection, remove ads, speedup your phone, backup everything, etc. 

Tools to root your android device : There are many android rooting tools are available in the market, but following are the list of some trusted and easy to use one click root applications and generally works for many devices and it’s free.
one click root
Kingo Root android app screenshot
  • Kingo Root:  Kingo Android Root is a one-click method to root any android devices. How to use this universal Android root software to root your Android device? 

  1. Download and install Kingo Root on PC;
  2. Launch the Kingo Root app on the computer;
  3. Connect your android device into your computer via USB cable;
  4. Enable USB Debugging mode on your android device;
  5. Click “ROOT” to root your device.

  • Root Genius: Root genius is also one click root software which is developed by a Chinese developer.Currently it supports more than 10000 Android devices.
    oneclick root
    Root Genius Desktop Screenshot

    Rooting method is same as in case of Kingo Root


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